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Loony Lena's Lounge

Fiction, Pictures, and Mindless Musings

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Who am I? Well I'm a recent CS grad with a love for writing. When I'm not writing fiction, I'm either coding, playing video games, or reading. I have two cats which I tend to prattle on about, and I like to post up recent writing progress. Occasionally I'll join in on a Big Bang that catches my eye, but I'm moving more to original writing more and more.

My professional writing site. I've been cross-posting more from here than I used to. If you're looking for specific publications of mine, you'll find them here.

Big Bangs I've been in:
marauderbigbang: Harry Potter Marauders Big Bang
werewolfbigbang: Werewolf Big Bang
luciusbigbang: Harry Potter Series: Lucius Malfoy Big Bang
zombiebang: Smaller Zombie Bang

Fan-fiction Writing Contest Sites:

Duotrope's Digest: search for short fiction & poetry markets